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VMC – Best IIT JEE Medical Coaching Classes in Kolkata


Looking for Coaching classes in Kolkata that will help you crack IIT JEE at one go? Look no further, Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) is here, one of the best coaching classes for IIT JEE, Medical preparation in Kolkata. Since most of the students know that these exams are tough as well as highly competitive to achieve […]

Study Smarter, Not Harder – Tips from Vidyamandir Classes


Better results mean more choice and opportunity. So pick up a few new study tips, and prove your outstanding ability in your assignments and exams! Don’t miss a class: Students never miss a class. They also never miss the beginning or end of a class, because important announcements about exams and projects are often made […]

Is Distance Learning better than Regular Classroom Course


Since the advent of the internet, there has been a constant debate whether Distance learning is better or Regular Classroom Session. Some prefer for Distance learning or online learning system better than Regular Classroom Session as it offers flexibility to the students to study. They can study at their own pace and spend more time […]

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VMC, best coaching centre in Kolkata wishes the best to all JEE aspirants


Joint Entrance Exams is scheduled to start from 8th April 2019 and students are studying hard to pass this main exam. Vidyamandir Classes, recognised as one of the best IIT JEE coaching classes wishes the best to all JEE aspirants.                         Since most of the students know that these exams are tough as well as […]