Foundation Course for Students of Classes VIII, IX and X

In order to build a strong foundation for fundamental concepts in Maths and Science, it has become imperative to start early.

These foundation courses have become immensely popular among all Science students, especially IIT and Medical aspirants. Moreover, the students who have gone through the foundation course, learn, understand and practice the core concepts better and are on a better footing when they begin class XI.

  • The focus is on the fundamental concepts in Maths and Science, to help students excel in both the school course, IIT-JEE and Medical preparation.
  • The students are helped in honing reasoning and analytical abilities for IIT – JEE and Medical as well as academic, personal and professional life.
  • The students are introduced to the primary concepts of IIT-JEE and Medical preparation. This well spaced course structure helps the student to approach the IIT-JEE/Medical in a stress free manner and improves the probability of scoring better.
  • Classes are held in small groups to ensure personal attention
  • Along with classroom session and comprehensive study material, online test series is provided to students. This helps in assessing and improving their performance.

Admission Criterion for all the above courses: On the basis of performance in National Admission Test (NAT) conducted by VMC.