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JEE representing as Joint Entrance Exam is one of the most important exams that are taken in India twice a year. Consisting of two forms, i.e. Mains and Advance, these exams are compulsory for a student to appear as well as to pass for obtaining admission into an engineering college. However, it is difficult for a student to crack to pass the exam and thus it is important for a student to know what and how to study for the exam.
• Know the exam – As they say, look before you leap. So, before you step your foot into the exam hall, one needs to know about the structure of the exam both main and advance. Mains whose exam lasts to three hours consists of 75 multiple-choice questions. It consists of three subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and while giving the correct answer to each of the questions, 4 points would be added to each of it. When you give the wrong answer then one point would be deducted.
For an Advance Exam, it has a different paper structure unlike how the mains have been set up. With the subjects left unchanged i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics there are two papers the candidate must appear.
• Know the topics covered in the exam – Although in both the exams consist of the three subjects, the level of questions (easy or tough) asked in the paper is different and that, one must thoroughly go through the topics in each of the subjects. If not done well then it would be difficult to give the exams. It is best for a student that while preparing for such exams, they should visit IIT JEE Coaching Classes for better preparations. Vidyamandir Classes has been acknowledged as one of the best IIT JEE Coaching Classes in Kolkata as we teach our students every detailed topic of the subjects that would appear in the question paper.
• Keep yourself updated with the Exam – Regulation, as well as certain rules or exam dates, might be changed time after time. So keep yourself in touch with what changes happen by having a read of the notice on the website every week.
• Buy past question papers, IIT JEE Books and attain IIT JEE Classes –It is genuine to buy past question papers, attain IIT JEE Books for referral studies of prominent institutes, and attain IIT JEE Classes. Follow up and learn from the IIT JEE Books as well as the classes as they would teach you important points that are crucial for a student to know about it. Vidyamandir Classes is acknowledged as one of the best IIT JEE Coaching Classes in Kolkata which offers classes to students conducted by a team of experienced faculty members. In this way, we make sure that the students are nurtured and explained thoroughly well about the topics for the exams. From our books, we make sure that the students understand it and are able to get through with it.
Vidyamandir Classes has been dedicated to giving its service of providing quality education to students who are pensioned to become engineers in the coming years. We grant the students the education service that they require to study for the exam and pass it with flying colours. That is why we conduct our classes by faculty members who are experienced in the field of teaching engineering subjects as well as explaining them thoroughly how to crack such exams.
If you are looking for an institution that is acknowledged by students in town, head onto Vidyamandir Classes today for a better IIT JEE Preparation.

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