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Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarship is on Tuition Fees only.
  • Student need to clear the NAT before joining Physical Classroom Program.
  • Online batch students can also join Physical Classroom Program by clearing the NAT also differential amount need to be paid.

Crack NEET or Get FEE Refund
  • 90% or above attendance must under all circumstances.
  • Poor health conditions or medical conditions of the child resulting to poor performance will result in no refund.
  • Student need to attempt 100% of tests conducted
  • Student must complete 100% Home work & Assignments
  • 70% minimum or above score mandatory in all tests, Random tests that VMC will conduct anytime.
  • Cheating in any tests, if caught will be ineligible for Refund
  • All PTM's attendance of student / parent mandatory under all circumstances.
  • Student needs to avail to VMC all records, notebooks, assignments, test analysis reports handy and presentable if required for refund.
  • No refund if student leaves the program/ changes the stream/ center midway.
  • Parent has to report for Refund within 30 days of NEET Result Announcement with all documents.
  • All fees need to be deposited on time during the whole tenure. Any delayed / late fee will not be entertained for Refund .

Terms & Conditions for getting the Cash Rewards
  1. Applicable for results declared 2019 onwards.
  2. Not applicable- if student discontinues from his/her course before Result declaration.
  3. The Students will have to submit their roll number / application number, photograph & testimonial to their respective VMC Centre for claiming the Reward.
  4. All Students enrolled for any of the Regular VMC Classroom Courses / Integrated School Programs / Correspondence Courses for JEE Advanced / AIIMS / NEET are eligible for the rewards.
  5. The rewards are for the Students who get Ranks in JEE Advanced / AIIMS / NEET in the General Category List only.
  6. Cash rewards will be paid in 4 equal parts over 4 years of study at IIT’s & other Engineering/Medical colleges.
  7. Applicable for students who maintain minimum of 90% attendance in classes till the end of respective Classroom course and for those Correspondence course students who have taken minimum 90% All India level tests and attendance 80% Booster Classroom sessions.
  8. The first installment of the Reward will be disbursed to the student within a few weeks of JEE Advanced / AIIMS / NEET Results. To be eligible for getting the further installments of the Reward, the student must secure 85% marks / a grade point of 8.5 (or equivalent grade point applicable for the University / College you are studying at) or above in every semester.
  9. The Rewards are subject to change without any prior notice and on sole discretion of the VMC Management..

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